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T. W. Up Arrow
T.W./Don Knotts Character Voice: Don Knotts
Singing Voice: Rick Logan
Directing Animators: Jill Culton and Kevin Johnson
Quote: "Fortune says: 'Rough waters ahead?'"
Description: T. W. plays a minor comic role in the movie. He is constantly consulting his fortune cookies to divine the future. The fortunes he receives are surprisingly accurate.
MAX Up Arrow
Max (sorry, no actor picture) Character Voice: Mark Dindal
Singing Voice: None
Directing Animator: Frans Vischer
Quote: "Yes, Ms. Dimple?"
Description: Max is Darla Dimples butler, bodyguard, personal assistant and executioner. He is an 800lb gorilla and walking convenience store all in one. Max is fanatically devoted to Ms. Dimple and has grown rather used to Ms. Dimple's loving pats on the head.
L. B. MAMMOTH Up Arrow
Mammoth Character Voice: George Kennedy
Singing Voice: None
Directing Animator: Steve Wahl
Quote: "Simple. Dimple!"
Description: As the owner of the largest producing company in Hollywood, L. B. Mammoth has certain superpowers, such as the ability to silence an entire throng of reporters with a single hand gesture. Mammoth owes his personal fortune to the Darla Dimple movies.
Farley/Welker Character Voice: Frank Welker
Singing Voice: None
Directing Animator: John Hooper
Quote: "Ten percent of that dream is mine!"
Description: Farley is the animals' agent in Hollywood. He is the typical Warner boss - he talks with an unctuous accent, is perpetually busy with phones, and is always ready to strike a deal.

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