The Fortune Cookie Curse - Part 2

Sawyer got to be in Hyper Howard's game show "Spin to Win" and she needs to be prepared to win the game show. However, in the Brown Derby, Sawyer got bad luck from a fortune cookie. After that, the effects were enough to turn Sawyer's 9 lives into a feline's worst nightmare. After that, when Sawyer tells about her ill-fated meeting with bad luck, the house falls apart. This leads Sawyer to her answer. She has bad luck. Now on with Part 2...

At the Brown Derby, Sawyer thought if she gets a good fortune, her bad luck will go away. This time, she brought 3 more people. Tillie Hippo, Woolie the Elephant, and Cranston Goat went with Danny, Sawyer, Harley, and Mike 3.

Danny: Where is Sawyer?

Tillie: I don't have any idea.

Woolie: Why is she making a big deal about fortune cookies?

Mike 3: It is terrible to think that a fortune cookie can guarantee misfortune.

Cranston: In my days, we never even heard of fortune cookies at all! I remember it as if this were only yesterday...

Harley: Cranston! Save the flashback sequences for later, please?

Then Sawyer appeared with a giant bag full of fortune cookies.

Sawyer: We are going to get it right this time.

She dumped all the fortune cookies on the table.

Danny: There must be a million cookies.

Mike 3: Actually, 835,234,876 cookies.

Then she returned to her normal self.

Sawyer: Go ahead. Pick.

Danny: I'm really not sure about this.

Sawyer (losing patience): JUST PICK A COOKIE!

Danny did that and read the fortune.

Danny: Your calmness will lead you through a hurricane.

Sawyer: Harley?

Harley read hers too.

Harley: Enjoy the lighter things in life. Deeper joys will follow.

Woolie read his fortune.

Woolie: Have you ever considered being very smart?

Tillie read her fortune.

Tillie: Didn't you ever consider weight loss?

Cranston read his too.

Cranston: Get a job? I already have one!

It was now Mike 3's turn.

Mike 3: Why don't you get a life. Why? I'm already dead!

Sawyer: Check out what mine says. Bad luck and extreme, rarest, greatest misfortune will infest, infect, contaminate and corrupt your pathetic, pitiable, unprotected soul until the cycle of bad luck has broken into itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensey, microscopic little pieces.

She thought it was different but if you remember Part 1, it said the same thing!

Sawyer: What happened? It said the same thing!

Mike 3: Must be a running gag.

Sawyer: This isn't time for a cliche! I need your help!

Mike 3: Well, luckily I bought this book for an emergency.

He lets out a book from his pocket but it was the wrong book.

Mike 3: Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun. Sorry. I'll try again.

He tries again.

Mike 3: How to Eliminate Bad Luck.

Sawyer: How do I get rid of bad luck?

Mike 3 (reading): There are many way to eradicate bad luck. You will be inspired to get out of your meeting with bad luck in many different ways. Turn page. (turns page). This is interesting!

Sawyer: What? What? What?

Mike 3: Drop an anvil on the person with bad luck.

Sawyer: What?


An anvil hit her but it didn't work.

Sawyer: Ouch.

Mike 3: I know this book will work.

Sawyer: Are you sure?

Mike 3: If I am lying, may lightning strike me dead.


Lightning did strike the angel.

Mike 3: I know that this thing will still work.


Sawyer: Are you sure this will work?

Mike 3: Yes. When the Acme Cherry Bomb explodes, you'll be lucky!


Sawyer: Did it work?


A safe hit Sawyer.

Mike 3: No.


Mike 3: Guess what? "Spin to Win" won't be on for a week. Now we have enough time to solve your problem. Climb the Eiffel Tower.

Later, when they reached France and the Eiffel Tower, Sawyer started climbing. She was almost at the top when suddenly, the tower fell apart. The top came off first. Sawyer did her Wile E. Coyote impression then started falling.



Danny: Did it work?

Sawyer: No.


Mike 3: Climb Mount Everest.

Sawyer was climbing the 29,028 feet of rock. Sawyer was 41 feet away when suddenly, there was a giant mound of snow nearing her furry physique.


Sawyer ran as fast as she could but she tripped over a rock.


Then she disappeared in the snowslide.


There were rocks in there too.

Danny and Mike 3: Did it work?

Sawyer: No.


Sawyer was acting like an iceberg when they came to China.

Cranston: Maybe we should go back.

Mike 3: I know it'll work.

Then suddenly, a paper dragon appeared behind them.

Paper Dragon: Gung Hay Fat Choy.

Danny: What does that mean?

Woolie: Do you speak Japanese?

Mike 3: I do. It means Happy New Year.

Danny: As in Happy Chinese New Year?!

Then suddenly, someone lit a match.


The rockets explode taking Sawyer with it. She was riding on a rocket.

Danny: Where is she going?

Mike 3: To Hollywood. The Brown Derby to be exact.


Then the rocket was going down. The restaurant was 500 feet away, 250 feet away, 100 feet, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40 , 30 , 20...



The Brown Derby exploded taking everyone in it with it.

Sawyer did survive. She thought maybe her luck changed. But it didn't. When she opened the fortune cookie, it said the same thing! Sawyer did the "Avery Ah-OOH-Gah" then opened another one. Then another one. Then another, then another, and another, and another, another, and then she was checking so fast that you could barely see her! She was going insane!


As soon as Danny, Tillie, Cranston, Woolie, Harley, and Mike 3 returned via portal, the mirrors at the Brown Derby broke into pieces. When they entered, they could see a ruined restaurant and a very sad Sawyer.

Sawyer: They ALL say the same thing! No matter what I do, the fortune never changes! I'll never win "Spin to Win" now!

???: Sure, you can!

All 7: Huh?

???: I can help you win.

Danny: Who said that?

It was a woman's voice but who did that voice belong to anyway?

???: I can't tell you. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to go to Acme Acres and to the Acme Mega Multiplex theater.

Danny: Good idea. Let's go!

As the eight characters depart via portal made by the Rainbow Medallion (a sacred jewel), an evil laugh can be heard. As the shadows disappear, that malevolent laugh belonged to Darla Dimple.

Darla: Foolish creatures. They don't know that the Acme Mega Multiplex theater has the THUD sound system. Soon, my vengance will be complete and there nothing anyone can do about it! (evil laugh)

(End of Part 2)

By Vaandr

"Sawyer", "Danny", "Cranston", "Darla", "Tillie", and "Woolie" are © Warner Bros.
All other characters are creations of the author.

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