I do believe
Performed by: Will Downing
Music and Lyrics by: Simon Climie and Will Jennings

I still believe in miracles
And Lord I hope you do
I've been there when nothing else
But a miracle would see me through
Taking a chance, with all the faith in my heart
Back to the wall
I give it all cause I know
You're gonna give it all back to me

I do believe
Heaven and earth
Start here with you and me
Here in our arms
A new world begins
And I'll let it shine on me
This has to be
I do believe

People die out of loneliness
It happens every day
All it takes is just a little tenderness
To ease the hurt away
Having you here, healing my life in your arms
Loving you so
All that I know
Is I'm never gonna let you go


Everywhere I go
Everything I see
With a little hope
With a little love
How beautiful this world could be
How beautiful... I do believe...

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