Tell me lies

Performed by: Natalie Cole
Music and Lyrics by: Randy Newman

I never believed that there was a rainbow
With a pot of gold at the end...
I'm much too smart for fairy tales like that
Yet here I am again...

I thought this time, this time we're gonna make it...
Why I tought so, I really don't know
Maybe something in his eyes just told me so...
Something in his eyes...

Tell me lies... and I'll come runnin'
I must have lost my mind
I just close my eyes, and tell you
Just exactly what comin'
Life's gonna turn just a little unkind

Seems like everone's sailing way out on the sea...
But I'm stuck here on the shore
Sun's always shinin', but it's never on me...
Why should I try anymore

Tell me lies... tell me lies. And I'll keep right on comin'
This time I've got to believe in his dream
This time I've got to believe in his dream

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