The Cats Don't Dance Quiz

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, here's what you've all been waiting for - the CDD Quiz! Yeah!!!

Well, actually, not quite :-( The quiz is now in its "beta" phase, which means that it has been developed but still needs to go into testing. What I need is for all of you to try out the quiz with the sample questions and report any bugs to me). For now, only the "easy" section has been setup, although in the future, there will be "moderate" and "hard" levels as well. Other things I might add in the future include a best scores page, cookies that will remember your highest score, and timed quizzes. I need your feedback on what you do or do not want. Please let me know what features you want so that I know what to add!

Additionally, I would appreciate any donations of questions. You also should indicate whether you feel the question to be easy, moderate or difficult.

Finally, I would like to thank all the fans of this site for the enthusiasm shown in this quiz. Without all your support, I never world have undertaken this humungous project. All the headaches and heartaches have finally paid off. It's not the multimedia miracle I dreamed of when I first began - but hey, it works (And with both browsers, too :-)!




This page was last modified on 26th July 1998

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