Sawyer - Her Story

Her name was Sawyer.
She was a white cat with brown eyes full of life.
She danced, she sang, she was full of light. And she had a dream.
She wanted to sing and dance in the movies; she wanted to go to Hollywood.

"Dad?" asked Sawyer as she looked up into the starry night.

"Hmm?" Her father Tommie replied with his eyes closed.

"Do you think I'm a good dancer?" She questioned sitting up.

"Well, I've never seen you dance before. But, if you would show me, I could give you a professional answer." He said laughing.

Sawyer danced up and twirled her skirt.

"Well," she said and did a few steps and twirled some more. "I don't really know the steps! I just make them up as I go along!"

She threw her hat up in the air and made an attempt to catch it but missed and fell down.

Her father laughed. "You're very good my darling."

Sawyer lay back and grinned. Her father- that to her was the greatest, smartest, and most wonderful person in the world to a five-year old- had said she was good!

"Oh look! A shooting star!" She said pointing to the streak of light that had just flown by.

"Did you wish on it?" Tommie asked. "You're supposed to wish on a shooting star ya know."

"Yes I know Daddy. I wished on it."

"What'd you wish for?"

"Oh Daddy, if I told you, it might not come true!" Sawyer said dreamily.

Sawyer rolled over and closed her eyes. She had wished for dancing lessons. Her mother had been a dancer, but she died when Sawyer's twin brother and sister were born. That was two years ago and Sawyer hadn't gotten quite used to the fact that she was never coming back.

"Let's go back in the house." Tommie said, but Sawyer was fast asleep.

He picked her up and walked up the porch steps. He stopped at the top step and a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"She's so beautiful Lilly. She's going to be just like you!" He whispered to the sky.

He laid Sawyer in her bed and brushed her hair out of her face. He kissed her forehead and left the room to kiss the twin's goodnight and make sure they were all right.

In the morning, a sleepy-eyed Sawyer came downstairs.

"Good morning," She said to her father and brother. "Where's Anna?" She asked referring to her younger sister.

"She doesn't feel too good this morning." Her father answered kissing Sawyer on the cheek.

"Yah, Anna doethent feel vewy good today. She sick." Said Sabastien, Anna's twin.

Sawyer nodded.

"Say Sawyer, I was thinking about taking you somewhere today." Said Tommie.

"Me go too?" Sabastien asked giggling.

"No, just me a Sawyer this time Ace." Tommie said ruffling up Sabastiens hair.

"Aw gee Daddy." Sabastien groaned.

"Now, now." Tommie warned. "Sawyer sweetie, go upstairs and get dressed and we'll leave as soon as you're ready. I'll call the babysitter for Anna and Sabastien."

"Oh no not Nina!" Sabastien moaned.

Sawyer laughed and skipped upstairs to get dressed. She got dressed hurriedly and ran downstairs and her Dad told her to go and wait in the car to check on Anna. Tommie climbed the stairs to the twin's room. He saw a weak Anna laying in her bed.

"How are you feeling Sunshine?" He said touching her paw.

"I don't feel good at all." She said giving a little meow. "My stomach huwts and I'm soo cowld."

He touched her forehead. "You're cold? You are burning up!"

He grabbed another blanket from the closet and laid it on her bed.

"I'm going out for a little while with Sawyer. Nina's coming over and I want you to be very good alright? She'll take extra special care of you."

He kissed her and walked out the door.

Sawyer was in the car humming. She had a sweet voice too. He got in and started the car. Sawyer looked at him a smiled.

"So where are we going Daddy?" she asked sweetly

"It's a surprise." He said grinning mischievously. They pulled into a driveway of a building that had a sign outside that read "School of Dance" She couldn't read yet so she asked him what it said. He didn't say anything. Just grinned.

He took her hand and told her to close her eyes. She did so. He picked her up and carried her into the building.

"Alright, open them."

She saw a corridor full of dressing rooms. Someone came out of one wearing a leotard and tights. They entered a huge room with a mirror and a bar. Lot's of little girls Sawyers age were in there smiling. A female cat walked up to them.

"Hi I'm Clarice. You must be Tommie Cat?" she said warmly. Then she bent down so that she could look at Sawyer. "And you must be Sawyer! I'm going to be your dance instructor!"

Sawyers face lit up like a light bulb. She smiled and started jumping up and down.

"Thank you so much Daddy!" She exclaimed.

Clarice laughed. "Um, the lesson is over at 12:00. Sawyer honey, go find a spot on the floor with the others." Sawyer scampered off and sat on the floor.

"Was it a surprise? She seem so excited!" Clarice asked Tommie.

"Yes, she told me she liked to dance last night and I decided to surprise her today." Tommie beamed.

"How sweet! Well, I need you to sign some papers when you come to pick her up."

"Oh I wanted to ask you, do you think you could bring her home? You see, my three year old daughter is sick and I don't want to leave her alone anymore. Or could you try and find someone to drop her off?" Tommie asked politely.

"Why of course! Just write down your address for me." She handed him a pencil and a piece of paper.

He wrote it down. "Thank you so much! I'll see you then!"

He waved to Sawyer and she waved back and he walked out the door.

Eight years later...

"Daddy? Clarice rescheduled the dance lesson tomorrow for Wednesday."

Tommie nodded at Sawyer and she gathered up her school books.

"Love you." She walked out the door.

Sawyer was getting older. Now at thirteen, was the prettiest and most talented cat in the small country school. Everyone knew it too. She was the most amazing dancer and had the prettiest voice. Most of the girls didn't like her. They were obviously jealous because they never really saw who she was. Peggy the squirrel and Trixi the rabbit, and Ace the cat remained to be her only friends. Friends she had met through dancing.

"Hey Sawyer, catch!" Ace said throwing a soccer ball at her.

Sawyer dropped her books in the dust so she could catch it instead of getting hit with it.

"Ace! Sometimes you are so annoying!"

"Gosh I'm sorry Sawy. Here let me help you." He bent down to pick up her books for her.

"Thanks Ace." She smiled and she held out her hand for her books back.

He didn't give them back so she figured he was going to carry them for her. She shrugged. Trixi and Peggy ran up to them.

"Hey Sawyer! Hey Ace!" they exclaimed.

They heard a bell ring.

"The bell!" They all took off running toward the school house.

All day Sawyer sat in class thinking. Thinking about her future, thinking about her eleven year old brother and sister, about Ace and why he was acting so strange.

"Sawyer? Sawyer!" The teacher was calling her name.

"Yes Mrs. Rabbit?" Sawyer said jerking out of her thoughts.

"What is the answer to the question?"

"Umm, er, yes?" She guessed.

The class laughed. She blushed.

"Try and pay attention a little more in class please Sawyer." The exaughsted teacher sighed.

When school was over, the four friends ran outside.

"Hey Ace! Better watch out!" Sawyer called and jumped on his back.

"Get offa me!" He yelped.

Some of the other girl cats laughed from a distance.

"Oh Ace," Said one of them walking up to them. "Why do you hang out with these geeks when you could be with us?"

"Look Pearl. Ace hangs out with the ones that care about him. So maybe you should just go on somewhere." Sawyer said with an angry expression on her face.

"Yeah Pearl, and they are not geeks. Have you ever seen one? Oh that's right. You have to look in the mirror every morning. Sorry."

With that, Ace flipped his tail in Pearl's face and turned around. "C'mon guys, we don't want to hang around geeks."

Five years later...

"Sawyer! Breakfast!" Tommie yelled up the stairs.

A groggy eyed Sawyer walked down the stairs.

"G'morning Daddy," She said and kissed him on the cheek.

"Good morning sweetheart." He said patting her on the head. "Dance competition is coming up, are you sure you're getting enough sleep? You look awfully tired this morning."

"Yes Daddy, I practiced all night last night for the dance I'm going to do. That's the reason I'm tired."

Tommie rubbed his head and looked quizzically at his daughter.

"Well, you're the expert." Tommie smiled.

"I'm going down to the studio today with the gang." She said referring to Trixi, Ace, and Peggy.

"Okay. Waffles are in the kitchen for you. I have to get to work but Anna and Sabastien's in there eating still.

She got in the kitchen just as Tommie was out the door. She sat in a chair and smiled at the twins.

"So what are you guys going to do today?" Sawyer smiled brightly.

"Well, I'm going to go roller-skating in the park. I don't know what's going on with Sabastien." Anna said cheerfully, then rolling her eyes at Sabastien.

"I'm going to the radio all day today! They're having a special marathon on." Sabastien said with his mouthful of waffle.

"Well you need to go outside for a little while today at least." Sawyer said patting his paw.

"Okay Sis."

Sawyer looked at the wall clock. "Oh my gosh! I was supposed to be there by now!"

She jumped up and ran up the stairs to get dressed. She grabbed her dance bag and danced out the door.

She ran down the street so she could get a taxi. She was about to get in one when a handsome young male cat said "Excuse me" and got in. He rolled the window down and winked.

"We'll share this taxi. I'm sorry for being so rude." He said.

Sawyer shrugged and got in.

"Dance Academy on 4th Main," She said to the driver. The other cat told him the address of where he was going.

"I'm Kit." The cat said "Nice to meet you."

"Sawyer," She said putting out her paw and he took it and instead of shaking it, he kissed it. It was something about his voice too. He had an English accent. It was nice.

"So, you're a dancer?" He asked.

"Yes, I am." Sawyer said grinning. "I hope to become famous one day!"

"Really?" He raised his eyebrows in surprise. "I think you'd be great. Would you mind if I came to your studio to watch?"

"I would love it!" This cat certainly was charming. He told the driver to change the address to wherever the lady was going.

"So how long have you been working at your dancing?" Kit asked.

"Oh, since I was five. It's my passion, and it always will be." Sawyer's eyes lit up just thinking about it.

"Wow! I'm a singer you know, I probably took my first professional lesson when I was seven." Kit said.

The taxi pulled into the dance parking lot.

"Her ya go Missy." Said the driver. Sawyer was about to hand him his fee, but Kit put his paw on hers and paid it himself.

"Thanks!" She smiled and got out.

He followed her to the door and opened it for her. She wondered if all English cats were as polite as he. Ace, Peggy, and Trixi ran up to her.

"Where were you Sawyer?" Ace asked, then raised his eyebrows at Kit. "And, um who are you?"

"Kit." He said putting out his paw. Ace shook it.

"I'm Ace."

"Hi, I'm Peggy."

"Hey Kit, Trixi here."

"Long story guys, tell ya later. Let's get to practicing!"

Sawyer grinned then ran to the dressing room to get her dance stuff on. The others were already dressed. She skipped into the dance room and the others were warming up. She joined them at the bar. Kit sat down in a chair near the door. Pictures of Sawyer and the others filled the room. At Performances, practices, rehearsals. She was a pretty cat no matter where she was.

They did there dance once through after warming up. Kit recognized the tune and started singing in a brilliant voice. Ace rolled his eyes. Trixi laughed. Peggy didn't seem to notice, she was too caught up in the dance. Sawyer looked at him and her eyes went wide.

At the end of the dance, Kit clapped for them and then looked at his watch.

"Well guys, I have to run! Nice meeting you all." He went over to all of them. He kissed the girls hands and shook Aces'.

"Sawyer," He said tipping his hat. "Pleasure meeting you my dear, maybe we could get together sometime."

Sawyer grinned, eyes full of light. Kit strolled out the door. He turned and winked as he went out. Then everyone started talking at once.

"How'd you meet him? Can you say "Dream"?"

"Does he have a rabbit friend?"

"I don't trust him."

"Aw, Ace! Why not?" Sawyer asked

"Oh, I don't know. Seems like a phony to me."

"Well he's anything but that!"

Ace sat down and put his head in his hands. Sawyer looked at him and sighed.

"Ace? What is wrong with you? He's just a friend... heck! I don't even really know the guy! So what's wrong?" Sawyer asked, putting her arm around him.

Ace shrugged.

"I don't know. I gotta go."

Sawyer looked down.

"Oh," she said confused. "C'mon you guys, let's catch the trolley and get some ice-cream. Its okay?"

Ace looked up into Sawyer's brown eyes.

"Like I said, I gotta go." He grabbed his bag and turned to head out the door.

The girls looked back at him and tossed their tales.

"What's his problem?" Asked the rabbit pulling her duffel over her shoulder.

"I don't know. Something is wrong though."

"Yeah well I think Ace likes Sawyer and he's jealous of Kit."

By Meghan Haviland

"Sawyer" is © Warner Bros.
All other characters are creations of the author.

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