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Here are some screen captures I took from the movie.

Due to space constraints, I cannot fit 24-bit screen captures on this site. E-mail me with any requests that you may have! All the screen captures were done using GrabIt! (parallel port version) from Aims Lab and the laserdisc of the movie played on a Pioneer CLD-D560 player.

I've recently bought the VCD version of CDD. The VCD screen caps look much better than those from the LD. I plan to make the improved screen caps available as soon as I can spare the time.

I have once again updated these pages. This time I'm using a little java applet I wrote to switch the screen caps instead of using dHTML/JavaScript - this is due to some compatibility problems with the various browsers' interpretations of dHTML. Now, the picture-changing works no matter what browser your using (IE3 users rejoice!). As always, you can always revert to the old interface by clicking here.

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