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Here are some screen captures I took from the movie.

I also have some bitmap (24 bit) screen caps from the movie, but due to space constraints, I cannot fit them on this site. E-mail me with any requests that you may have!

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[Danny] | [Sawyer] | [Danny and Sawyer] | [Darla Dimple]
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Danny Bass Relief
Sawyer Bass Relief
Danny and SawyerUp
Danny/Sawyer Bass Relief

("What appears to be a tidal wave, is just a special effect!")

Miscellaneous CharactersUp
Tillie Bass Relief
Movie PostersUp
Poster Bass Relief
Backgrounds and SceneryUp

[Danny] | [Sawyer] | [Danny and Sawyer] | [Darla Dimple]
[Misc Characters] | [Posters] | [Backgrounds]

All the screen caps were done using GrabIt! (parallel port version) from Aims Lab and the laserdisc of the movie run on a Pioneer CLD-D560 player. Alas, I am operating on low budget, so avi's and animated gifs are beyond my means.
All screen captures are © copyright Warner Brothers. Warner Bros. Logo

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