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Here are the lyrics to all the songs in the movie. I also have RealAudio files of the songs, but due to copyright restrictions, I cannot publish them here (sorry). Go and buy the CD!

I have added support for NetScape users! If NetScape Navigator is detected, you can click on a hyperlink to activate RealAudio streaming. Internet Explorer users will enjoy automatic RealAudio streaming thanks to Active-X.

All songs are copyright (1997) Rany Newman Music (ASCAP) except "Our Time Has Come" copyright (1997) Martin Page Music (ASCAP) and "I Do Believe" copyright (1997) Polygram International Publishing (ASCAP).

  1. Our Time Has Come
  2. I Do Believe
  3. Danny's Arrival Song
  4. Little Boat on the Sea
  5. Animal Jam
  6. Big and Loud - Part 1
  7. Big and Loud - Part 2
  8. Tell Me Lies
  9. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

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